Where in the adidas Runtastic Portfolio can I benefit from a Premium Membership?

You will benefit from a Premium Membership within the adidas Running app. Here is an overview of the features and benefits you will enjoy:

Training Plans: adidas Training plans that adapt to your performance.

Story Runs: Story Runs are like audiobooks that will guide, coach, or simply entertain you during your runs and workouts. 

Records: Records is a fun and motivating feature which helps you keep track of your personal bests

Auto-Pause: A feature that automatically pauses a session when you stop moving.

Challenge an Activity:  Challenge an existing activity and beat your personal best. 

Interval Training: The perfect feature to bring variety into your training. Choose one from our pre-existing Interval Training plans or create your own. 

Personal Goal (Distance & Duration, Calories):  Set yourself Personal Goals for the day, week, month, year or a goal that should be reached by a certain date*. Your Goals can be set as recurring goals or as one-off targets.
Powersong: Play music from your favorite music provider directly in the adidas Running app. Or select your Powersong for an extra boost of motivation. 

Activity Detail: Helps you monitor your dehydration, max elevation, average heart-rate, and max heart-rate.

History/Progress: Keep an eye on your progress by week/year/all.

Statistics: Filter by activity or timeframe. Week/year/all timeframe available.

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