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Where in the Runtastic Portfolio can I benefit from a Premium Membership?

You will benefit from a Premium Membership throughout our Portfolio. Here is an overview of the features and benefits you will enjoy:

  • Runtastic
    Lose weight or run a 10K, half marathon or marathon: unlimited training plans, Story Runs to name a few.
  • Results
    Your 12-week customized bodyweight training plan is waiting for you. 
  • Road Bike and Mountain Bike
    More advanced stats and analysis and say goodbye to those ads.
  • 3D apps: Leg TrainerSix Pack and Butt Trainer
    Access to 3 levels of an expertly-developed training plan to help you tone and sculpt sexy and strong muscles.
  • Fitness app collection: Push-upsSit-upsPull-ups & Squats
    Complete access to 3 levels of a training plan specifically designed to help you get better at these particular exercises.
  • Heart Rate
    Unlimited heart rate measurements per day right from your smartphone – so convenient!
  • Sleep Better
    Dig deeper into your sleep patterns and gain access to the Smart Alarm feature that wakes you up at the perfect time within a wake-up window defined by you.
  • Runtastic.com Free Training Plans, Weekly Fitness Report, Advanced Stats & Analysis, Records & Personal Bests, Personal Cheers, No Ads & Premium Support and more


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