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Connect my Wearable and use my Wearable with the Runtastic app

In order to use your Wearable with your Runtastic app, you need to login to the Me app with the same credentials as the Runtastic app (Use the same account).

This way activities are already being synced to your Me App. Your Wearable will also show you your current values during an activity.


In order to choose what information is being displayed on your Orbit, open the settings within your Runtastic app. You will find the option "Runtastic Orbit“.  

Here you can choose what to display on your Orbit:



If you connect your Moment to the Runtastic app, the clock hands will stop at 12 o'clock. Start your workout and the hour hand will show the kilometers / miles covered. The minute hand measures the meters - one full cycle corresponds to 1000m. The progress hand will still show the progress towards your daily goal.

After an activity like walking or running, your Me app will display the values from the Runtastic app which will also be included in your daily statistics.



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