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Setup & Activity Setup Screen

To change the Activity Type, tap the Activity Type icon in the top right corner of the Activity screen (the current Activity Type will be displayed) or pull down the Dashboard.

Either way, you will reach the Activity Setup screen, which allows you to choose all aspects of your next activity in one place.

This view allows you to configure the following elements of your activity:

  • Activity Type: Select the activity type of your activity
  • Workout Type: Select how you want to work out
  • Music & Story Running: Select if you want to listen to music while exercising or try one of our Story Runs
  • Select a Route*: Pick one of your Routes to follow
  • Connect Heart Rate Monitor: If you own a compatible Heart Rate Monitor, you can connect it with the app right here

At the bottom of the screen, you can activate or deactivate a few more options by tapping the individual icons:

  • The hourglass activates a 15-second countdown before the start of your session. This option comes in handy when you need some time to put your phone away and get ready
  • LIVE Tracking lets your friends follow your activity
  • The Speech icon enables and disables the Voice Coach*
  • The Pause icon will toggle the Auto Pause* feature on or off

Finally, to start the activity, simply tap the “Start” button at the bottom.

Once configured, you can simply hit “Start” on the main screen to start the same kind of activity again. You don’t need to repeat this setup each time before you work out because Runtastic will remember your settings.

* This feature is available to you in the Runtastic PRO app.

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