First Operation: Runtastic Libra

Insert batteries

The batteries are individually packaged and don't ship in the battery compartment. Begin by removing the protective film from the batteries and insert them with the correct polarity. If the scale fails to operate, remove the batteries completely and insert it again. 

Installation of the scale

Place the scale on a flat surface and solid ground. Use the included carpet feet when using the scale on carpet. Solid flooring is required for correct measurement. 

Scan the QR-Code or visit the following URL:

Please note: The Runtastic Libra app requires iOS 7. If iOS 7 is not yet installed on your Apple device, you need to update your device first. More information can be found on the Apple website.

Starting the app

Start the Runtastic Libra app by tapping the icon.
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Log in with your existing adidas Runtastic account.


Connecting your smartphone with the Runtastic Libra.


Choose the option "Connect your smartphone with your Runtastic Libra". 

Push the button on the back of the scale while keeping your smartphone
near the scale. The Bluetooth symbol on the display will begin blinking and
your smartphone will automatically connect.

Set up the first user on the scale

Please provide your initials and preferred unit of weight. 

It’s time for your first measurement! First, take off your shoes and socks for accurate results. Then press the 'start first measurement' button when you are ready, and then step onto the scale.

Congratulations, you have successfully configured the Runtastic Libra!

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