GPS Watch: Troubleshooting GPS Errors

If you are experiencing problems with your GPS reception please download A-GPS data. The watch has a function called “A-GPS” (Assisted global Positioning System).

A-GPS is a method which speeds up the search process for a good GPS-reception under bad weather conditions. The A-GPS data will be saved on a server and transferred to the watch via Runtastic Connect. The validity period of this data is 7 days. In order to use this function you require internet access.

Download the A-GPS data:

Connect the watch to the USB cable and then plug the cable into your computer.
As soon as the watch is linked to the computer, the A-GPS data will be transferred to the watch.

If the problem persists please do a Reset of the GPS watch:

In the setting mode select ''System'' and then select ''Settings'' from the menu, then select ''Sys Reset“. Select "On" to perform a system reset. By doing this all the values, all the basic settings reset and all the data (paths, reference points, training histories, etc.) deleted.

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