Speed & Cadence Sensor: Montage & Assembly

If you have already attached the speed- and cadence-sensor to your bike, please take a minute to review the distance between the magnet and the sensor. It is important that the distance is not larger than 4-5mm. In order to archive the optimal position, you might want to use a hex-wrench tool as seen in the image below:


If you have not yet attached the speed- and cadence-sensor to your bike, please follow the steps below:

For the activation of the speed- and cadence-sensor, take ether the spoke- or pedal-magnet in your hand and move it over the suitable marking on the speed- and cadence-sensor. Be aware of the the maximal distance between the magnet and the sensor, which is 4-5mm.



Once the activation was successful, note that the color of the speed and pedal frequency symbol on the display of your smart phone will change from orange to green.

Correct montage of the speed- and cadence-sensor:


Attaching the speed- and cadence-sensor (speed- and pedal frequency-sensor)

Before connecting the sensors with your app, please follow the instructions below:

Active Bluetooth within the settings of your Iphone. ( You will not have to connect the sensors within this settings)

Now, please connect the sensors within the settings of the app.

The Bluetooth-Symbol, in the right upper corner, should start to blink while pairing. If this is not the cause, please restart Bluetooth and the Iphone.


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