Russia Fadeout

It's time to say goodbye!

We decided to cease our app functionality in Russia. While we understand that this might be frustrating to you, there were a variety of factors that contributed to our decision, both internal and external.

As there were quite a few limiting circumstances that affected our operations in the Russian market, we decided to stop our services there.

What does that mean for you?

While you may still have access to the adidas Running app on your device if you already downloaded it, we will no longer release any app updates. The app has been removed from the Apple App Store, Google Play Store, and the Huawei App Gallery as of November 16th, 2023.

We advise you to export your account data before March 31, 2024 to avoid losing it, as we will delete all Russian accounts on March 31, 2024. To export your account data, follow the steps in this article

As a Premium Member, you can still use the Premium features until the above date. For the remaining period, you can request a proportional refund via the respective app store.

We’re sorry for the inconvenience, however, rest assured that our decision to remove our app from the Russian market has not been made lightly!



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