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Whether you wish to lose weight or simply become more active, as a Premium member, you have access to your individual 12-week training plan, tailored to you based on your activity level in the past 30 days.

The “Walking for Weight Loss” plan consists of a combination of daily steps and active minutes goals (including set rest days!) to help you push your limits and go a little bit further day by day, week by week.

As you progress through your plan, the number of recommended steps and active minutes increases steadily so that you become fitter and healthier step by step.  

If you’re not using the Walking for Weight Loss plan, your daily step goal is set to 8,000 steps by default.

Add a Plan

Follow these steps to add a plan:

  • Tap the “Plan” tab in your tab bar
  • Now tap “Start your plan”

Stop a Plan

Follow these instructions to stop a plan:

  • Tap the “Profile” tab
  • Now tap the gear icon in the top right corner
  • Choose “Training plan” under “App Settings”
  • Tap “Stop plan”

Not yet a Premium Member? Purchase a Runtastic Premium Membership here.

Note: At the moment, only one plan is available. However, we are already working on adding more plans to the app, so you have a wider range of options to choose from!

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