Update: Runtastic Steps App 2.0

We have released Runtastic Steps app for iOS and Android: a new step-tracking app that helps you track your daily habits and walk your way to a healthier you.

What’s new?

Now, this isn’t a new app per se, it’s the result of a facelift we gave to our Me app. So if you already have the Me app, make sure you have the most recent update in order to access Runtastic Steps!

Take a look below to get an overview of the most relevant changes.

New: Tab Bar

We have introduced a tab bar to the Runtastic Steps app, so you can use it more smoothly and find your favorite features and functions easily. This will also make tracking your steps or checking your statistics even easier than before!

New: Activity

The “Activity” tab is where you can find your daily steps, distance covered, calories burned as well as active minutes for the past seven days at a glance!


New: Your Statistics

The Progress tab allows you to view your statistics, such as your “Monthly statistics” or “Sleep sessions”. Plus, there’s a new summarized overview of your “Walking Distance” for the current month and year.


New: Plans

We have integrated a 12-week training plan that is tailored to your activity level and helps you walk your way to weight loss! The Walking for Weight Loss plan is dynamic and is available exclusively to Premium Members.


New: Settings

Your Settings can now be found through the gear icon in the Profile tab on your tab bar. Here you can connect your Runtastic wearable to the app, edit your Profile details, manage (push) notifications and more.  


Note: The app can not be used on iPads.

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