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Apple Watch Standalone: Changes to the Original Apple Watch App

Since you no longer need your phone with you when you’re tracking with your Apple Watch, you may notice some changes to the original Apple Watch app. The following features are not included in this standalone app: Countdown, Voice coach, LIVE tracking, indoor tracking, training plans and music controls.

The standalone Apple Watch app can no longer be used in conjunction with the Runtastic app on the phone. Whereas previously you could use the Apple Watch app as a second screen during your run, the app now only works independently from the phone.

The available activity types on the Apple Watch app have also changed. To have an overview of the available activity types in the new Standalone app, please see here

We still support Apple Watch Series 1, but you will still need to bring your phone along in order to have a GPS trace. This is due to the missing GPS receiver on the watch. 

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