Privacy Settings

Follow the steps below to edit your Privacy Settings:

  • Tap the “Profile” tab followed by the “gear icon”
  • Tap “Privacy
  • Here you can control who views the information that you share with Runtastic by selecting either “Everybody” (all Runtastic users), “Friends” (your Runtastic friends) or “Only me”.

Marketing Messaging: Settings related to emails and push messages with interesting information about health, fitness and nutrition, and stay up-to-date on cool new features.

Activity-Based Marketing: Settings related to ads that fit your lifestyle and preferences on other platforms.

My Profile: Settings related to all the data you have added to your Profile on (via Settings > Profile). It includes the following information:

General Information (birthday, gender, height, address, family status)
Reason and Motivation (sports level, your goals, your motivation)
Education and Job
Contact Information
If you select the “Only me” privacy setting, only your first and last name will be visible to other users.

Activity: Settings related to all the data on your activities including information like Maps, Distance, Time, Pace, Calories etc. Selecting “Only me” means that your activities will only be visible to you and will not appear in your friends’ News Feed.

Maps: Settings related to the maps from your GPS-tracked sessions. If “Only me” is selected and a user navigates to the Details page of your activity, a message will be displayed instead of your map. The map will also not be displayed in the News Feed.

Photos: Settings related to all the photos (both profile picture and photos of your activities) you have posted in the app. Any photos that you post will not be visible to other users if the “Only me” option is selected.

Web News Feed: Settings related to all your information displayed on that keeps others up to date (LIVE activities, new sports activities, status updates). If your Privacy Settings are set to “Only me”, your friends will not receive updates on your activities in their News Feed.

Routes: Settings related to all the information about routes created or imported from activities. If you do not wish to share your routes with your friends anymore, they will not receive any updates when you create a new route.

Training Plans: Settings related to all the training plans you are currently using or have purchased. If you do not want your Training Plans to be visible to other users, select “Only Me”

At the bottom of the page, you can choose whether to join the Steps/Running Leaderboards.

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