I purchased a Premium Membership, yet cannot access the Premium features. Why not?

It is important to answer the three mandatory questions to evaluate your fitness before you are able to access your Training Plan. Only after answering the three questions are you able to start your 12-week Training Plan.

If you have purchased the Premium Membership yet your account still appears as a basic membership, you may need to restore your purchase.

To do so, go to the settings of the app via “More”, tap "Runtastic" and then "Restore Purchases". Be sure to use the same Apple account you used when you purchased the membership.

If your Premium Membership is not activated after this step, please make sure that you are logged in with the correct account. You may have accidentally created a new account despite already being a Premium Member on another account. If you are already logged in with the wrong account, just go to “Settings” and log out.

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